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 Wednesday, April 1, 2009

 Goodbye Everybody!
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 10:14 AM
Category: General

First of all this is April 1st, which is a day that is full of April Fools day jokes and various craziness. This however is not one of those jokes. I was going to post this yesterday but figured to do it at the first of the month instead. The month just happens to be April... heh.

Today is the day that I leave this site and walk away and I won't be back to post again. It has been a fun and interesting ride. This site has been running since August 15, 2000 which is a bit short of 9 years. The reason for me leaving? Both Phoebus and myself have decided a change is what we both want.

A few others posted news before me, utopia, Reese, Demolisher, Fredric, EvilGreg, DemonCow, RunicPagan, Pagangod, DraX, Za0oO, CanadianX, pailhead, Fraust, FACE.UK, Olivier, Hades, AiC and of course Phoebus, the owner of the whole Mindless Games Network and my good friend. Besides Phoebus every one of those other guys went their own way eventually and never returned, unless they came and read the updates, who knows? Whatever the case I wish them all good luck with whatever they happen to be doing now. They all certainly helped to keep the news interesting back in the early days!

It wasn't until February 4, 2004 that I posted on here with a post about the Dungeon Siege movie, which is something that I never did watch and don't plan on doing anytime soon. So that adds up to just over 5 years of daily posts. Since my first post on here, I've seen a lot of games being developed and then released, everything from Sacred, to Half-Life 2, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Quake 4, Spore, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, F.E.A.R, Jedi Academy, to Fallout 3 and a hell of a lot more, just to name a few.

We also covered other types of news too and it was interesting to post entertainment news for a change and also things happening in the real world, game mods and various weird things. Overall it has been a good, pleasant experience, that's for damned sure.

Furthermore we also ventured into reviewing games and had lots of good help there from several talented writers including Gwynhala, Stinger, LordRinvaran, Staff, DarkFriend, Fraust and Jericho. My contributions to the reviews included Half-Life: Blue Shift, Doom 3, Atlantis Evloution, Unreal and Unreal: Return To Na Pali. I had certainly planned to write reviews for other games, but time restraints and a lack of interest killed whatever ones I had started. Ahh I just remembered I had a Unreal II review started after I replayed the game... oh well, that's not likely to get finished now. hah!

Like all good things, they do come to an end. I will still be around the Newdoom community and also the Raven-Games community for as long as it lasts. The news on the Raven site is also being put to sleep. I will be continuing the news for Doom over on Newdoom up until June 1st when the Doom and Raven forums will shift to a new server. Then what I do about news remains to be seen. I have no solid plans other than wanting to continue the Doom news. I will need a blog or a site for that but I'm in no hurry and waiting to see what is the best move for me.

Before I go I want to thank my friend Phoebus for giving me the opportunity to do the news on Mindless Games and also on the Raven and Doom sites. Thank you ever so much Phoebus! It really has been a very fun and interesting experience! I do feel like a change and I know we both need it after all this time. I also want to give thanks to my friend RoseWool, who would without being asked, take the time to find links for the news and send them along to me, sometimes while I was asleep. Thank you RoseWool! Also thanks to all of you who came by over the years to read the news.

So on a final note I want to go out with some good old Canadian rock. So crank up Triumph - Follow Your Heart! The song and video brings back a lot of good memories for me... just like this place has over the years. I saw Triumph twice in concert and they rocked big time! Now I'm looking forward to making new memories in other places... Take care of yourselves, your friends and loved ones. Really those are the important bits, making the best of life and getting on with things. Live and enjoy life and be strong. Well goodbye everybody! *walks away whistling*

 Tuesday, March 31, 2009

 Diablo III Screenshots
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 10:22 AM
Category: Role Playing

Well this is the last day of March and tomorrow I will be posting my final words on here, and no that will not be a stupid April Fools joke. Anyhow, why not take a visit to Worthplaying because they posted up four new screenshots from Diablo 3.
Diablo III is being developed as the definitive action role-playing game, and a true continuation of the Diablo series. Players will create a hero from one of five distinct classes, such as barbarian or witch doctor, each equipped with an array of spells and abilities. As these heroes adventure through rich and varied settings, unraveling an epic storyline and engaging in combat with hordes of monsters and challenging bosses, they'll grow in experience and ability and acquire items of incredible power.
Check out those screenshots and have a good day.

 Monday, March 30, 2009

 Monsters vs. Aliens No 1
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 8:38 AM
Category: Movies

Over on EW they report that Monsters vs. Aliens opened at No. 1 with $58.2 million.
Assuming that early figure holds, DreamWorks Animation's movie garnered the year's biggest debut so far, besting Watchmen's $55.2 mil. It also got, of course, the top premiere of 2009 among 3-D movies like My Bloody Valentine 3-D and Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert
That is all on EW. I'm away now so have yourself a good day!

 Sunday, March 29, 2009

 Bethesda Working On Moar Fallout 3 DLC
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 8:47 AM
Category: Role Playing

Well there seems to be a lot of Fallout 3 DLC type of news lately... come on you guys at Bethesda, I want a full blown mission pack or a new Elder Scrolls announcement! Anyhow lets go to Shack News because Bethesda has announced that they're working on lots of DLC for Fallout 3.
In an apparently overlooked tidbit from a GDC panel earlier this week, Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo revealed that the team at Bethesda is hard at work on more downloadable content for the post-apocalyptic action-RPG.
Yep they be working on lots of DLC. So now I'm off to do other things. Have a nice day people.

 Saturday, March 28, 2009

 Aussie Censorship Board Site Gets Defaced
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 4:54 AM
Category: General

According to what you read on Wired some hackers defaced the Aussie Censorship Board's Website.
Australia's official online censorship board's web page was offline Thursday, hours after hackers hijacked it to protest revelations the government was going to require ISPs to block public access to thousands of websites, many of which aren't obscene.
Well that is certainly interesting but it would be more interesting to see the list of censored sites...

 Thursday, March 26, 2009

 Risen Preview
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 5:31 AM
Category: Role Playing

If you put a hit on IGN you can check out the Risen Preview they put together for the upcoming RPG and here is a snip:
Risen takes place in a medieval Mediterranean-like world, and starts rather dramatically: the main character starts out on a voyage across the sea to a foreign land. However, during the trip, the ship that he is on is smashed to bits, and he finds himself shipwrecked on a mysterious island with the bodies of the crew scattered across the beach.
Check that out over on IGN. I'm off... have a great day people.

 Wednesday, March 25, 2009

 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 3:39 AM
Category: Strategy

Haha! Lets all go over to Worthplaying again because... I SAY SO and the fact is a strategy game called R.U.S.E. has been announced.
R.U.S.E. is a one-of-a-kind real-time strategy game that allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action using views that range seamlessly from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war. Players will be plunged into the action thanks to the exclusive IRISZOOM Engine which offers an intuitive interface that allows for smooth, rapid transitions from a birds-eye view of the entire conflict, down into the heat of the battle and vice versa.
Have a look at Worthplaying! I'm off to get some food..

 Tuesday, March 24, 2009

 Fallout 3 'The Pitt' DLC Released
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 9:25 AM
Category: Role Playing

According to Shack News Bethesda has released the Fallout 3 'The Pitt' DLC.
As its name implies, The Pitt presents a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The content reportedly takes players through a linear quest structure similar to the first DLC release, Operation Anchorage.
That is all on Shack News. Take care people!

 Monday, March 23, 2009

 Spore: Galactic Adventures
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 8:49 AM
Category: Action

Way over on Worthplaying there is an article on Spore: Galactic Adventures that includes info, screens and a trailer!
The next evolution in gaming is upon us. From the mind of Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, comes SPORE, an epic journey that takes you from the origin and evolution of life through the development of civilization and technology and eventually all the way into the deepest reaches of outer space.
So go check out Spore: Galactic Adventures! I'm outta here! Have a great day!

 Sunday, March 22, 2009

 Riddick Gold
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 8:22 AM
Category: General

Hiya everybody. The last days are dawning for this site and I for one look forward to the future but I will talk about that more later. For now lets take a trip over to Shack News because they report that The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena has gone gold and theres new screenshots to look at.
Starbreeze's remake/expansion of its original Riddick shooter went gold today. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is expected in stores by April 7 on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.
Check that out right here.

 Saturday, March 21, 2009

 A New Era Emerges
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 1:56 PM
Category: General

There is a change of plan concerning the Mindless Games & Entertainment Network. The MGE site itself will no longer be updated on April 1st... the same goes for the Raven main page. The news on Newdoom will continue up until June 1st. After June 1st the Raven and Newdoom forums will be moved to a new server and host. All hosted sites are being set free and will have to find new homes, this includes my own site The Megawad. What I do with the site remains to be seen. I will either move it, or start a new site or start a blog. The blog / site will contain my Doom creations and Doom news and possibly other id Software related news, just like I have been doing in the past on newdoom. It will be easier for me anyhow once I'm no longer spreading myself out doing news on three pages, which was becoming a bit of a drag and had lost some of it's appeal. Read the official announcement because it's been updated by Phoebus. So it's not goodbye but a change and sometimes you have to embrace change and get on with things. That is all for now. Have a nice day!

 Friday, March 20, 2009

 The End is Nigh!
 Posted by Darren 'Doom Dude' Finch at 3:15 AM
Category: General

Hello everybody who passes through here! It has come to pass that my good friend Phoebus has decided to move on and the server and domains will be shutting down by June 1st, unless somebody comes along and makes a reasonable offer and takes over the network. This effects Mindless Games, Raven-Games and Newdoom and the two forums. You can read the official announcement on the forum and if you have anything to say you can use this thread.
It all started with Crazed & Quakin', a fun little experiment I started out of my love for games. Then Cult of Phoebus, which was right up there with Blue's News in the burgeoning online FPS community. Next came a huge step, with HexenWorld, in collaboration with PlanetQuake. I next launched while still at Activision. Raven hired me away from Activision, but they weren't really free to support the community. I left Raven, but held onto the sites out of a sense of pride and loyalty to the community. Next came and became and I bought my own server to host all the sites, as well as Then came!
So yeah, it IS an end of an Era and what happens by the time June rolls around remains to be seen. Whatever may be, the fact remains that I personally have gained much from being a part of this network... gained knowledge and have had many many good times, but most important, have gained a number of very good friends all thanks to Phoebus! So whatever he does next, I certainly wish him well. It's been a fun ride and tomorrow will be a good day no matter what. At the end of this month on March 31st I will be posting my last time on this site. Until then, be good and have a nice day.

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